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If you are interested to buy any vehicle sold by our company, please follow the next steps:

  • 1. Buyer must access the BUY page and complete the form with details.
  • 2. Once CarStar Auto’s receive the Buyer details a Sales Specialist Agent will contact the buyer back to confirm the details and continue the purchase process.
  • 3. The Buyer must send a copy of his Identity Documents to CarStar Autos.
  • 4. CarStar Auto’s release the Payment Invoice receipt and Sales Contract to the Buyer in order to make the payment and sign the contract!
  • 5. The Buyer makes the payment to the CarStar Auto’s Bank Account attached in the invoice payment.
  • 6. Buyer must confirm the payment by sending a copy of the bank wire transfer receipt to the CarStar Auto’s to our email:
  • 7. CarStar Auto checks the payment details and once payment is confirmed by our Bank manager, CarStar Auto’s start the document registration ownership process.
  • 8. CarStar Auto’s and our Partners arrange and prepare the vehicle for pick up or to be shipped to the home address provided by the Buyer.
  • 9. Once Buyer pick up the car with the payment proof and his Identity Document, will have 7 days to inspect and make a decision if keep or not the car, In case is reject the car will receive the full deposit back.
  • 10. Your car is delivered to your door, It’s fully checked, tested and gleaming, with a 7-day money-back guarantee.

           – The shipping process is various, if the Buyer is from the same country as the car location the buyer will receive the car in 2-3 days. If the buyer is located in another country the shipping process can take from 5 days to 5 weeks depends on the distance.

           – The buyer receives the car at his home address mention in the invoice, and have 7 days to return back, after 7 days the buyer must register the car under his name.

  • 11. The buyer can reject the car if the car is not the same or is damaged under transport period, and will receive the full payment back in 48 Hours.
  • 12. All our vehicles come with 90 days warranty, some cars can come with manufacturers warranty (Please check with us about each car in part for warranty).
  • 13. After buyer register the car under his name the purchase process is finished.
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