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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is CarStar Autos?

CarStar Auto is an Buy Now Online Auction Sales website company that offer for sale New and Used cars from Manufactures Companies, Leasing Companies and Rental Companies!

We act as Broker in the sales of the vehicles on our website.

We open in 1997 our office in London and from them to now we offer sales services and logistic services to our partners, that cannot offer this type of services.

Where CarStar Auto is located?

Our operations office is in London, United Kingdom.

The vehicle we sell are at our partner’s location in different countries.

What vehicle CarStar Auto sell?

CarStar Autos work with different partners, Manufactures companies, Leasing companies and Rental companies from different country in Europe, Asia and United States.

All vehicles are sold AS IS, the listing have been include a description of the vehicle, description of any damage, mechanical problems or error after inspection test.

Some vehicle are refurnished, repaint and repair, please check the vehicle description for each vehicle in part.

Some cars can come with manufacturer warranty include please check with the support team.

Does CarStar Auto offer financing?

YES, CarStar Autos accept finance directly to our website form.

Just go to:

Apply for finance in 72 hours to all major bank’s in Europe, Asia and North America!

Does CarStar offer any Protection Guarantees?

Yes, CarStar Auto’s Offer 90-Day limited warranty include in the car price sold ONLY to CarStar Autos website.

The limited warranty helps to minimize unexpected costs associated with mechanical breakdown, repairs, parts, and labor.

  • Covers unexpected costs due to mechanical breakdown repairs such as parts and labor
  • Protection for 3 months / 6,000 milometres, whichever comes first
  • Only a €50 deductible per occurence

1-year roadside assistance

  • 24-hour emergency assistance to help you prepare for the unexpected. We offer help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Towing, flat tire, oil, fluid, water, fuel delivery, battery, and lock-out assistance
  • Up to €600 in emergency travel expense reimbursement
  • No deductible

Coverage exclusions and limitations may apply. This content provides general information about CarStar Auto’s 90-Day Limited Warranty (“Limited Warranty”) and 1-Year Roadside Assistance (“Roadside Assistance”) product, and should not be solely relied upon when deciding what, if any, products to buy. Neither the Limited Warranty nor the Roadside Assistance are insurance. All transactions related to the Limited Warranty and/or Roadside Assistance are governed solely by their respective written agreements, which contain the specific terms, conditions, and coverage details, including limitations and exclusions. Coverage may vary from state to state. Some vehicle models may not be eligible for coverage. Please contact CarStar Auto for more information at +44 (33) 3303-4142.

The Limited Warranty does not apply to vehicles that are 10 years or older, have 100,000 or more kilometres, or are of a certain make or model, including, without limitation, Bentley, Maserati, Lamborghini, and Ferrari. Other exclusions may apply.

Does CarStar Auto accept to check and inspect the car, before is sold?

NO, Carstar Autos sell all vehicles AS IS ( please check the vehicles description ), all vehicles have been inspected by authorized company and certified companies and the details have been posted in the car description on our website.

Buyers can Ask for a inspection report and we can provide it.

All details posted on are accurate, there is no mistake or fake details.

All vehicles have the Kilometers certified!

How to make payments?

CarStar Autos company accept only Bank Wire transfer!

Wire transfers can be submitted with the help of your banking institution. Provide your bank with the information below to properly transfer your payment.
Note: Please be advised that for international wires, your bank may require and charge you for the use of an intermediary bank. You should contact your bank and inquire about the possibility of any additional transfer fees.
Funds must be sent to this account as a wire transfer and not as an account-to-account transfer.

Can I cancel my transaction at my convenience?

– Yes, the Buyer and the Seller has the legal right to cancel the transaction at any time for any reason.

Can I pick the vehicle up myself?

Yes, buyer can come and pick up the car after payment form is complete!

After Buyer submit the payment to CarStar Auto’s Bank Account.

Once payment is confirmed by our Finance Department, CarStar Auto and our Partner prepare the vehicle documents and prepare the vehicle to be picked up.

Once papers are complete (24-72 hours) CarStar Auto’s will provide the copy of the papers via email and the location where the Buyer must go with the Payment proof receipt to pick up the car.

Once a Buyer pick up the car the transaction is finished.

Who handles the shipping of the vehicle if the vehicle is in CarStar Autos Online’s storage facility?

– CarStar Autos will handle the shipping of any vehicle that is sold on our website.

– With your signed and approved paperwork and payment, we give your car one last inspection and book it for delivery. Once it’s on the road to you, our Delivery Support Team will be in touch with regular updates.

Who will pay for delivery?

CarStar Auto can offer transport alternative if the Buyer cannot come and pick up his vehicle, after payment confirmation!

– The cost of the transport is calculated based on distance where is the buyer located.

Please check with our support team about the transport cost, fee:

Who will transfer the cars papers if I decide to purcharse the vehicle?

Buyer is responsible to transfer and register the car under his name.

– After the buyer receives the car and check it in maximum 30 days, must register under his name.

– All cars sold by us, comes with Invoice tax, registration vehicle, book of the vehicle and the guarantee documents.

Can I reject the vehicle?

– Yes, the buyer can reject the car anytime for any reason, but will support the shipping cost back.

– If the buyer will accident the car or damage it, CarStar Autos does not accept the car to be returned back.

The vehicle does not meet my expectations. Why should I do?

– Simply contact your Sales Representative with the transaction ID and we will cancel it and make a full refund back in 48 hours once vehicle arrived back to the seller address.

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